Depop pledges $30k to the Black Lives Matter movement – PRESS RELEASE

To the Depop community:

Across the US, we are all witnessing repeated injustices against the Black community – from police brutality at scale to the collective grief of Black lives lost. We have no alternative but to demand change, and we stand in solidarity with your pain, frustration, and desire for resolve.

Racism, injustice and inequality that hold members of our community back, hold us all back. Our differences strengthen us, and together, we must champion individuality in all of its diverse forms.

We are so incredibly proud of our community’s immediate responses to mobilize – whether that’s by demanding change through your own platforms or donating proceeds from your shop to ally organizations. Depop believes in collective action and to start, we will:

Donate $20,000 in Depop fees to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund.

Work with sellers to direct an additional $10,000 of Depop fees to organizations fighting for racial equality and justice.

Use our voice to share and circulate resources and perspectives on solidarity from our community.

Pledge to increase the number of Black-owned businesses and sellers represented within the app, newsletters and on our social channels.

We know these are only the first steps of many we need to take. And we’ll continue to update you on what we’re doing to better serve and empower you, the Depop community.

Black lives matter then, now and always.

The Depop Team

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