After a much needed night’s sleep we headed back to the Grooming Room for round two. Having admired the men’s fashion collections on display the previous day, we headed over to have a look at Big Horn sunglasses. Kevin Ching founded Big Horn in Hong Kong in 2012 and the brand has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Big Horn Rhino frames at the Grooming Room.

Candid Magazine’s creative director, Rebekah Roy with Big Horn founder, Kevin Ching.
After deciding which sunglasses we should all get for summer, we headed back over to the trusted AOFM Pro artists. We spotted Game of Thrones actress and Hoxton Radio presenter and DJ from Candid Magazine’s 15 Issue launch party, Laura Pradelska getting a touch up and decided we definitely needed one too.

Game of Thrones actress Laura Pradelska enjoying a mini makeover courtesy of AOFM Pro artists.
Our next stop was heading straight to Guys and Dolls Parlour for luxury manicures and then to Cornerstone for a wet shave before the next shows.

A Manicure from Guys and Dolls Parlour at the Grooming Room.

Cornerstone’s expert barber got us face-ready for LFWM.

In the hands of Cornerstone’s expert barber at the Grooming Room.
We were ready to nip off to watch Katie Eary, Michiko Koshino and D.GNAK’s shows. (Read our round up here).
Once she shows were over we headed back to the Grooming Room lounge area to write up notes from shows and catch up on some work. Hoxton Radio were DJing and it was great to listen to one of Candid Magazine’s music writers and Hoxton Radio presenter, Elspeth Pierece interview Ross Pollard, the founder of the FashionWorked Awards.

Elspeth Pierce interviews FashionWorked Award’s founder Ross Pollard.
With our reports finished, it was time to take our seats for another expert talk, headed by the The Industry’s editor-in-chief, Lauretta Roberts in conversation with MR PORTER managing director, Toby Bateman; designer, Oliver Spencer; Thread head of business development, Terry Betts and Société’s head of fashion; Martyna Panczak.

(L-R) Martyna Panczak, Oliver Spencer, Terry Betts and Toby Bateman being interviewed by Lauretta Roberts
The dynamic panel discussed how technology has impacted the way men consume information about fashion and shop for fashion – both on and off-line. Each experts in their field and passionate about the future of fashion and design, they also talked about how brands and retailers are capitalising on technology to make the shopping easier and efficient, and looked at the impact this has on the design process.

Société head of fashion, Martyna Panczak speaking to the audience.
It was a pleasure to be able to listen to the advice, opinions and forecasts of some of the most influential figures in men’s fashion.

Once the talk was over the panel opened up a Q&A session to the audience. Audience members included an array of fashion press, stylists, designers, photographers, PRs, brand development managers and more asked questions about the importance of celebrity branding and how they see men’s fashion changing in the future.

Designer Oliver Spencer and Thread head of business development, Terry Betts with MR PORTER managing director, Toby Bateman

GQ’s Bryan Griffin at the Fashion & Technology talk at the Grooming Room.

Candid Magazine’s editor-in-chief Courtney Blackman with Candid’s LA-based fashion photographer, Joe Simpson and model/stylist, Jonathan Keith.

The Scheme’s Kris James joins in for the post-talk cocktail hour.

Candid Magazine’s fashion contributor, Tyler Kenny (R) and guest.

CÎROC cocktails in-the-making.

Ice-cold lager, courtesy of San Miguel.
We’re always sad to say goodbye to the Grooming Room but we’re already looking forward to the next season! The team ended the evening talking to the panel members while (naturally) indulging in a few more CÎROC cocktails and some San Miguels.
Photography by Ricky Darko and Yoshitaka Kono.