The last few months have been busy for luxury leader, Tom Ford. In February the world was introduced to the new men’s underwear range and this month sees the launch of the new unisex timepiece: the 001.

First glimpsed at Tom Ford’s men’s show in February alongside the underwear, the Swiss-made 001 showcases a classic rectangular elegance (with proportions similar to that of the Cartier tank) and a refreshing nod to function as the 001 case has been designed to allow for a quick interchange of straps that simply glide in and out of the case.

The collection includes two sizes for both cases and straps and the rectangular watch cases comes in four finishes: 18-karat yellow gold, brushed and polished stainless steel and matte black. The straps come in four materials (handwoven braided leather, pebble grain leather, and alligator) and there are no fewer than sixty-two strap options across thirty shades, ranging from classic black to cerulean and saffron.

Asked on whether this is the first of many, the designer shares that, “This watch has given me the vocabulary to now do another one, but it isn’t like I’m going to have fifty watches. I may ultimately have five models… I’m very excited about it because it’s a very simple concept that no one has ever done, and is, as far as I can tell, nowhere in the market.”

New York Mens Fashion Week February 2018

The luxury watches range anywhere between £1,558 to £7,187 depending on finish and add-ons.

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