BLOW! Magazine’s Fashion & Grooming Editor, Ross Pollard does his final New York Fashion Week reviews. Colour, capes and club kids make an appearance.
So as New York Fashion Week comes to a close, we’re all warmed up now for the rest of fashion’s finest month. But before we depart the Big Apple, I’m taking a last look at a few more shows and digging for menswear gold. I think we stuck a rich seam here.

I grew up watching Westerns and space movies with my grandad who would tape them on his trusty Betamax player. One of the best was Yul Brynner in Westworld – a futuristic wild west theme park where the robots turn sinister. Well, Kozaburo has created Westworld for the new generation. Taking futuristic thoughts and the carefully-selected statement notes from the frontier, it’s all crafted up into a real power statement. The wonderfully dark notes add drama and presence, and it becomes a manifesto of power looks rather than just a collection.
With both of these themes it’s easy to make missteps, but here it’s all delivered with the sure-footed step of an ace gunslinger on his way to the next show down.

John Elliot
Review in a sentence time…
“Loads of lovely layering”.
It’s fun, youthful and fresh, I’m borrowing some thoughts from this collection myself.

Philipp Plein
A party in the snow at the end of days, Philipp Plein invites you to look hot in the cold. There’s a touch of a ski resort run by early-days Michael Aligs Club Kids about the collection, and that dear reader is never a bad thing.
Multi-layers and mixed textiles are spun, thrown, sewn and crafted up into something that just screams sheer joy. Even the darker looks have a playful lightness. When it comes to NYFW, who is the man? Philipp Plein is the (snow) man.

Pyer Moss
It was great to see some colour and capes on the runway at NYFW this season. Muted neutrals, greys and blacks have really taken prime position, but here is a collection that goes further than the splashes of yellow and mustard that have broken the theme. We were treated to greens, reds, print and pattern and of course, any collection with a cape is going to make any review I do for the next few months.
Sorry Edna Mode, I love a cape.
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