Fashion & Grooming Editor, Ross Pollard gets us ready for Graduate Fashion Week 2019.
This is an industry that is permanently in flux, a maelstrom of names, looks and ideas popping in the night sky of the industry like a bonfire night rocket pack, but where does it all stem from, where is the future born?

The future is born from the past in many ways. All that has preceded informs all that follows, as dawn follows dusk, new generations of designers learn from our collective fashion history, emerge and grow into our conscious.

Graduate Fashion Week
London is truly lucky. This is one of the great fashion cities, not just on our catwalks and in our shops, but in the educational system that each year produces roughly 3,000 graduates across subjects that stretch from design via the creative arts of illustrators and photographers into the more commercial areas of marketing and communications.

The next big stars
Each year the youthful energy of Graduate Fashion Week arrives in London’s Brick Lane and over the course of four days, thirty-eight UK universities and forty international seats of learning will be represented at the event.

Graduate Fashion Week
During Graduate Fashion Week there will be opportunities for students to show their collections, meet and network with the industry and prospective students can explore which university they want to apply to.

But why will I be there? Well, it’s very simple. I’m on the look-out for the next big stars, the talented designers that will shape our industry for the coming years.

A chance to see into that future
Graduate Fashion Week, while a hugely important educational and industry event, is also so much more. It’s a window, a barometer into the health of the industry.

Graduate Fashion Week
While it’s always worth remembering that the students are the talents to be developed and nurtured, who still have growth ahead of them, it’s a chance to view what will come next.

For someone who is interested in emerging designers it is a fantastic chance to see into that future. It is also a time to see the thoughts and trends that will shape our viewing in the hallowed halls and venues of London Fashion Week.

Graduate Fashion Week
I can’t wait to see it and bring you the best of the week.

Tickets are available for the exhibition and shows 2nd to the 4th of June. Tap here.