Ross Pollard reviews Wood Wood’s autumn/winter 2018 collection at London Fashion Week Men’s.
One of the great things about this job is no matter how many designers you know, no matter how well you think you know fashion, there is always a designer heading your way who’s show you’ve never seen show. Although Wood Wood were established fifteen years ago, I’ll confess I didn’t know much about them. Well, shame on me; I should have. Copenhagen-based Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brin SS Jensen, the label founders, had the perfect, wearable collection ready for their presentation.

Candid Magazine Wood Wood
One of the best things about LFWM is that the collections are actually wearable, and while the cool and stylish is always present, nearly every look can go straight from the runway or stage, right out onto the street. Wood Wood are no exception. This well-thought-out collection mixed their laid-back denims and puffer jackets with shorter jackets and the delightfully simple casualness of people’s lives with more tailored and formal looks.

Candid Magazine Wood Wood
But make no mistake, this isn’t some middle-of-the-road collection – far from it. Each look is a considered study of youthful perfection. Details such as pops of brightness, off-beat structuring and tasteful colour palettes combine to create statements in layered precision. It’s testament to their design skills – that each model could have been just as at home on the glossy pages of Candid Magazine in an editorial shoot as they would be round the bars, eateries and record shops of my beloved Soho.
Candid Magazine Wood Wood

There is a curious mix of Americana in the more college-kid looks that weave between some nods to classic European menswear – the full suit and the jacket with red trim are steeped in the feel of our capitals on this side of the Atlantic. As a way of trendspotting, the roll-neck made another appearance (as seen across the catwalks) this season, and the darker blues that have become an ever-increasing staple of British fashion in the last year or so sat alongside that other trend of the season: the round, crewneck sweater.

As I opened with, shame on me for not knowing more about Wood Wood, but I can guarantee you that they are a name I’ll always be looking out for from now on.
Images provided by Sane Communications.
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