Ross Pollard reviews the autumn/winter 2018 Alex Mullins collection at LFWM.
So, what is the hardest runway slot to follow at London Fashion Week Men’s? Well, from my viewpoint, it’s to be the show after Christopher Raeburn. The iconic and legendry designer that perhaps is only challenged by Oliver Spencer as the doyen of the week. However, in my quest to bring you great, young and emerging designers, there was no way I was dashing off to the press room to file copy about that show when I knew I wanted to be in my seat at the BFC Show Space for the Alex Mullins catwalk show. I’m glad I did.

Now, I’ll let you in on a little secret; us fashion writers are selective. We edit what we discuss with you, and we pick the motifs and looks that we love and want to share, so I urge every single one of you to hop on the Google and look on the interwebs to go and find out more about the collections and designers once we’ve featured them, of course, after you’ve read all of our articles.

Alex Mullins Candid Magazine
The reason I bring up this point is that Alex Mullins produced a collection of two halves after being inspired by the left and right sides of the brain, and with such polar positions on display, my selections can never reflect the magnitude of reference points within the looks.

Alex Mullins Candid Magazine
Alex Mullins is an exciting, young designer and this collection really took us on a journey, through oversized suits, tailored coats, well-cut linens and on to other places. The puffer-version of a blazer – well, quite frankly, it was sublime. From there we were taken through cleverly-constructed layered macs into cut-away shirting and tie-dye, then on through to looks inspired by broken photographic ceramics. In amongst this were relaxed bias cuts, pops of colour and hints of playfulness. It was a lot to take in.

If I was to select the big hits for me, it would be the aforementioned puffer blazer, the striped trousers, the playful suiting, and I never thought I’d say this, the tie-dye suit! There was plenty going on in these looks and I know every single reader will find a look that they become besotted with.
Imagery supplied by IPR London.
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